Episode 42
Title Jennie
Working Title Laura
Production Number 61115
Season 3
Season Episode 9
First-Run Airdate 11/23/1985
Director Bernard L. Kowalski
Producer Robert Janes
Screenplay Katharyn Powers
Executive Producer Bernard L. Kowalski
Supervising Producer Everett Chambers
Director of Photography Sy Hoffberg, ASC
Production Designer John Leimanis
Editor N. Mario Di Gregorio
Theme Sylvester Levay
Music Bernardo Segáll
Co-Producers Carol Gillson
Stephen A. Miller
Associate Producers Leon Ortiz-Gil
Michael Snyder
Richard Learman
Bernadette Joyce
Sound John K. Kean
Sound Editor Michael Ford
Music Editor Gene L. Gillette
Production Managers Richard Learman
Bud Grace
1st AD Bob Bender
2nd ADs Robert D. Nellans
Scott Cameron
Story Consultant Del Reisman
Story Editor Rick Kelbaugh
Set Decorator W. Joseph Kroesser
Costume Supervisors Diana Reynolds
John Casey
Second Unit Director Ron Stein
Aerial Coordinator Peter McKernan, Jr.
Stunt Coordinator Ron Stein
Casting Joe Reich, CSA
Jan-Michael Vincent Stringfellow Hawke
Ernest Borgnine Dominic Santini
Alex Cord Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III
Jean Bruce-Scott Caitlin O'Shannessy
Lenore Kasdorf Jennie
Allan Miller Jonas Keith
Michael Preston Colonel Ross
Richard Yñiguez Gustavo, "El Gato"
Johnny Kovacs Raf
Michelle M. Paulin Sister Agnes Marie
Amapola De Ivano Old woman
Debra Yon Solita
Clemente De Leon Clemente
Val De Vargas Miaga
Robert Covarrubias Freedom Fighter
Tomas Goros Patrol Leader #1
Joe Borgese Patrol Leader #2
Santa Theresa, Grenada
Screenplay revision dates: 10/16/1985
Hawke and Dominic are on a mission in Nicaragua to rescue a captive American scientist in NBC Universal’s "AIRWOLF" episode entitled "Jennie." The piece was written by Katharyn Powers and directed by Bernie Kowalski.

Hawke, Caitlin and Dominic's mission takes them to Nicaragua. As they land, Gustavo, known as 'El Gato,' awaits them. Dominic explains to Hawke how important Gustavo's role is in that country and how respected he is. The main concern is to rid Nicaragua of a mad scientist who keeps designing weapons against which that country cannot fight. The scientist turns out to be an American who had been kidnapped by the Russians. In their attempt to free the man named Keith, Gustavo gets seriously injured and stays behind, while Hawke guides Keith through the jungle until they run into Jennie, a young American teacher and her protégés, all children. On the other side of the jungle, Caitlin and Dominic are anxiously waiting for Hawke as well as for Gustavo. Escaping several ambushes and using every ruse they can possibly think of, Hawke, Jennie, Keith and the children finally meet up with Dominic and Caitlin. With Airwolf's help, they are able to cut short the escape of the man responsible for Keith's kidnapping as he was trying to save his neck and the scientist's plans.
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