Airwolf Images Airwolf's advanced technology was wrapped around interesting characters and stories, beginning with reclusive, brooding hero Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) and his mentor/childhood guardian Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine).
    As part of the series premise, Hawke recovers the Airwolf prototype from Libya after it has been stolen from its flight testing grounds. Overseeing both the project and its recovery is intelligence Deputy Director Michael "Archangel" (Alex Cord). Through a tenuous but mutually-beneficial relationship all three heroes use Airwolf to protect and further the strategic goals of the United States, and periodically tangle with ambitious domestic and foreign secret agents who attempt to track and capture Airwolf. Beginning in the 2nd season, Caitlin O'Shannessy, (Jean-Bruce Scott) slowly begins learning of Airwolf's existence after she is rescued by Hawke and Santini.

    Airwolf Images Airwolf's in-air refueling capability allowed the aircraft to serve as fighter, escort and long-range infiltrator. But the aircraft's real appeal was the tremendous firepower of which it was capable. Week after week the special effects department treated viewers to aerial explosions, strafing runs and earth flying in all directions as Airwolf parlayed with both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, missiles, tanks and even army troops. Those missions and battles featured some of the most far-reaching technological concepts of the era, including both physical and electronic countermeasures; electronic flight instrumentation systems; optical data storage; concealable aircraft-mounted weapons; nap of the earth flight techniques; forward-looking infrared (night vision) navigation and targeting and both infrared and thermal surveillance imaging.

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