Welcome to airwolf.tv, your source for original content related to a series with one of the highest production values in the history of television: Airwolf (CBS, 1984-1986; USA 1986-1987). Presented by series historian Clark Van Hoten, airwolf.tv is a showcase for original projects related to the show, including his generously-appointed retrospective periodical entitled "The Wolf's Lair." Additional imaginative projects will appear from time to time as independent developers showcase and share their latest undertakings on the site.

    Created by Donald P. Bellisario (NCIS, JAG, Quantum Leap, Magnum P.I.), each week's one-hour Airwolf episode has the look, feel and sound of a major motion picture. In addition to a full production crew, the show also employed an explosives-laden special effects unit; a second aerial unit; a miniature aircraft unit and the best available flying talent for both. Besides featuring the black-ops, supersonic multi-role Airwolf helicopter, the show quickly established itself as a showcase of both modern and vintage aircraft and breathtaking aerial stunts. In fact, the U.S. military used show footage to help train its pilots in combat maneuvering.

    It's no wonder that from the beginning the show inspired an unusually loyal, long-lasting group of fans from all walks of life. No wonder either that new fans who see the show for the first time, either in syndication or on home video (sometimes learning about it through websites such as this!), continue to be cultivated worldwide. Through the projects featured on airwolf.tv and links to external websites you too can be inspired by and learn more about this American classic.

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